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Cocktail By José Gurrola

Necio Mexican Kitchen

4001 Tejon Street, Denver, CO 80211

“NECIO Mexican Kitchen is a family-owned business, inspired by authentic Mexican cuisine from some of the best traditional places in South, Central, and Northern Mexico. Blending flavors to keep those traditions alive is what we are passionate about, and being able to serve our guests with quality dishes that bring the Mexican experience alive. Make yourself at home, unwind, and be prepared to be amazed at Mexican cuisine like never before!”

Oaxaca Old Fashioned

Created by José Gurrola


  • Cointreau
  • Cinnamon infused mezcal
  • Honey Chai
  • Organic blue agave
  • Azteca chocolate bitters
  • Grated Chocolate Abuelita

Meet José Gurrola


I’m the beverage director of NECIO Mexican Kitchen, I found a love for mixology during the development process of our bar program and discovered the creative freedom & limitless possibilities of creating new cocktails. The inspiration of our Oaxaca Old Fashioned is displaying the quality and authenticity of Mezcal mixed with other regional ingredients to truly create a cocktail that transports our guests into the heart of Oaxaca Mexico.

The Inspiration

The inspiration behind our ritual is to highlight aromas, traditional taste and ingredients through tableside viusal representation.

Featured Spirit in this recipe

Cointreau Triple Sec