Guard & Grace

Guard & Grace

1801 California St, Denver, CO 80202

At Guard & Grace, the M.O. across the board is elevated excellence, and this cocktail ritual is no exception. The High Roller Vieux Carré is thoughtfully crafted with premium ingredients uniquely inspired by the kitchen — including Japanese A5-washed Benedictine and soju bitters — then combined with a velvety smooth cognac and a single-barrel bourbon, all smoked tableside in a CREATIVECHEF smoking dome for striking notes of umami.

High Roller Vieux Carré

Created by Jacob Pike


First you start with Remy XO, Garrison Bros. single bourbon, a Japanese A5 washed Benedictine, little bit of sojou bitters (smoked Japanese soy sauce), little bit of antica sweet vermouth, stir and pour over a house made golden ice cube.

Featured Spirit in this recipe

Rémy Martin X.O